Migrating an entire Enterprise Architecture (EA) developed in one tool into another tool typically involves hundreds of hours of effort, but there is an easier way. VAIL Technologies has developed a tool and methodology which significantly decreases the effort necessary to perform the migration, allowing our clients to gain the analytic benefits which come from a rich EA.

As the Department of Defense standardizes on usage of ARIS and Alfabet from Software AG, VAIL’s SAARIS tool has proven how effectively and efficiently migration can be when moving an EA repository built in UNICOM System Architect to the Software AG suite of tools.

The implementation of EA models in SA and ARIS do vary and, in some cases, there is no one-to-one correlation of the models between the tools.  In those situations, decisions by experienced architects must be made as to how models should be reconstituted in ARIS.

Quality Assurance

SAARIS provides a platform enabling quality assurance analytics on the EA data prior to migration, whether you’re migrating one instance of System Architect or many. These analytics utilize built-in artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities and data science methodologies. 

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To support requirements of this nature, VAIL Technologies can be sole-sourced as an SDVOSB to provide this capabilities, to include our proprietary SAARIS code, in accordance with FAR 19.1406.

To find out more about the SAARIS capability, including licensing options, contact us about your interest and we’ll setup a discussion and provide you with our SAARIS white paper.

Innovation is a key corporate value at VAIL Technologies, and as such, research and development efforts are part of our culture. Our entrepreneurial spirit has lead to internal projects – big and small.

The NightHawk is a 3rd Generation covert utility aircraft (low IR and acoustic signature) designed to support to a host of special ops missions (i.e. ISR, armed overwatch, FAC, Infill, exfill, resupply, etc.) in austere tactical environments. It supports both manned and unmanned capability and can be prepared for operational deployments on a C-17 within one hour, has plug-and-play adaptability for sensor and weapons integration, and provides loiter times in excess 15 hours.

To acquire the NightHawk platform, VAIL Technologies can be sole-sourced as an SDVOSB in accordance with FAR 19.1406.

Contact us for more details about the NightHawk, including our white paper.